Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tony Hawk Poops in Mid-Air

Mike Jacki, who’s on the board of USA skateboarding and all that Olympic business, was recently at some sports conference in Switzerland and he sent me a photo of Tony Hawk (above). Apparently it was “on the wall outside the offices.”

I told him to get out a Sharpie and make some adjustments. I sent him my suggestion:

I sent it to Tony and Miki Vukovich. I figured they like pooping, and probably would enjoy seeing Tony pooping in midair. Miki responded first.

“It's from the lobby of Sport Accord in Lausanne, Switzerland,” Miki said. “Some big international sports governing body. He made the point that all the other athletes shown on the walls there are Olympians. But I don't think pooping is a medal event yet. I think it's just an exhibition sport at this point.”

Tony wrote next. “I'm good at it,” he said, “but not an Olympian pooper by any stretch.”

Coincidentally, during this email exchange, I had to run to the toilet to take my third shit of the morning. Tania makes the best shrimp scampi, but last night’s offering must have a bad shrimp in it, thus turning my dish into shrimp sketchy. What followed can only be described as Olympic shitting. I'll keep you posted on my petition to the IOC. It's more of a sport than fucking golf.


abbfla66 said...

Pooping is also more fun than golf. I have never dozed off while "building a log cabin."

davoud said...

skate photography by non-skaters is always awesome. that should be the front page of the local paper.