Monday, January 26, 2009

Movie Day: T Doodle Face

Do you remember those teachers that couldn't be bothered with teaching some days so they'd just throw a movie on? Those days were awesome right? Who wants to read
Of Mice And Men when you can just watch the damn thing? I had a math teacher that was always trying to quit smoking. It was usually on Fridays. We'd walk into class and she'd be face down, asleep at her desk. Just passed the fuck out. On the board would be a note. "I'm sick." Then below that there would be an assignment of some sort. At the time, I totally believed it. Or I didn't care. It meant, FREE TIME! We’d just hang out. No one would do anything. “No more tea-chuz, in the clawz-rooooom” [use your Pink Floyd voice]. I wonder what she was really trying to quit?

Well that’s what this post is all about. The Nieratkos were in town all last week with their buttfucker dog Bennie and New Jersey skateboard sensation, Ron Diely. Full house. It was a lovely time, but Reality had to sleep outside and thus little to nothing got done. “Food On Drunk” certainly was nowhere near the top of the list of things to do. You will go to the French Laundry. I promise. It’s done. But Tania has yet to add her two cents. The job that pays her money is actually a job at the moment and she hasn’t had time to attend to the greatest story about the greatest meal we’ve ever had. Muslims can face Mecca a million times a day, but Tania can’t even spare a second to write a few words about Him. Hm?

So, here’s your movie. When Tania and I cook, usually one of us cooks, the other plays sous chef/court jester. And reads food magazines. On a recent drunken evening, I was behind the stove and Tania was behind a magazine. With a pen. Giggling her ass off. I had no idea what she was doing. But I’m glad she did. I’m still finding these stupid faces all over the stupid magazines. (All art by Tania. Photos appeared in
Saveur and Food & Wine.)

EDIT: I put faces on just about everything. See!


Anonymous said...

where is the pumpkin with the Aqua Teen face on it?
i like that one.

Anonymous said...

yeah, you two are lucky your peeps was in town. a decent excuse if i may say. you got me jonesin' to hear about your meal, you damn shitburps. what the arf? make with the tasy-tasty nummy-nummy already...

Randy Hill said...

I love you sooooo much.

Father said...

Utterly charming. Covert and uproarious.

Anonymous said...

'Hitler in White' has to be my favorite. I find the thought of Hitler in the kitchen somewhat humorous.

The Meatwad pumpkin is brilliant.

I wish more people understood the wonders of Aqua Teen.

Anonymous said...

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